Ghost Writer & Content Development Advisor

It’s true that I write way way more for other people than I do for myself.  I’m a ghost writer.  It’s what I get paid to do.  And, I totally love it. When I say ‘write for myself’, don’t get me wrong.  I know that what I write is always for the readers who take [...]

Ghost Writing Is All About You

You’ve got a book to write.  Or, maybe a white paper, or article… a PowerPoint presentation.  Perhaps it’s a blog post you just don’t have time to get to.  Deciding to work with a ghost writer, no matter how you got there, is kind of a big deal. I’ve read large handfuls articles and white [...]

On May 21st we were told by a self appointed profit that life as we knew it was to end.  That the world we had come to know and love would forever change.  That life for our friends and loved ones would be forever different. That didn’t happen.  Well… Not exactly in the overly dramatized [...]

For some reason this old chestnut of a question has popped back into queue all over the place… If you were (in some dire situation) and could only take one (or five or 10) whatever’s with you, what would it/they be? Ya know – I never … ever … ever … gave this question format [...]

4 New Kicks: “Do they still call them that”?

This is the U.S. of A., Jack. Your employees, in any position, can create a social media profile if they want to.

“I’m gettin’ to it.  I’m gettin’ to it.”  I hear that a lot.  Hell, I say that a lot, especially about the condition of my office.  It’s nearly always a mess.  There’s always too much crap strewn across my desk. I say that about my own blog and website all too often as well.  “I’m [...]

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… No I’m not nuts nor is this a written demonstration of bad parenting.”

Over this past week, headlong into the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year holiday season, I’ve received a LOT of emails asking me to think about that for which I am thankful, grateful and joyful.  As usual this is the time of year that these things are on most people’s minds.  Maybe it’s resonating with me a [...]

A deal. A deal for his life. It was the only answer. It was the only way to keep his head, one of his most favorite body parts, attached to his… well… body.