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12 Of My Favorite Things
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12 of My Favorite Things… In No Particular Order

Sometimes it’s cool to remind ourselves of things we really like… Stuff that really gets us jazzed.  Again, this is a THINGS list.   It’s not about people so if you don’t see your name in here, don’t go gettin’ your shorts all up in a bunch.

1 Full Tank of Gas:  “I’m all gassed up and ready to go”!  The world within 300 miles, give or take, is my oyster.

2 Stand Up Comedy:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”!  I LOVE to laugh and I love people that can make me laugh.

3 New Blog Post:  “Hey, look, I actually got one done”!  Just love having a place to share the things I think about no matter if anyone is interested or not.

4 New Kicks:  “Do they still call them that”?  I dig new shoes, especially sneaks.  Probably no longer cool to call them ‘Kicks’… Ol’ slang dies hard.

5 Powerful Laser Pointers:  “Look, look… I can hit the stop sign at the end of the street”!  Ever shoot a laser pointer into a neighbor’s window in a house that’s several houses down on the opposite side of the street and watch them try to figure out where the hell it’s coming from? … tee hee hee….

6 Cars:  “I so dig cars.”  … To keep conversations safe with me, avoid cars as the topic.  I can become one of those really boring ‘car-guys’ really fast when the conversation shifts in that direction.  And then there’s no hope of recovery until you just start backing away.

7 Paper, Pens & Pencils:  Hey, I’m a writer.

8 Cameras:  “Would you turn that thing off already”!?!  What most people say when they see me coming with my cameras/camcorders strapped around my neck. 

9 Editing Video:  “What if it looked like this…”  Part of the writer/story former in me.  Just love seeing how combining images and sound create emotions and connections in all kinds of unique ways.

10 Radio:  “Pete, has anyone ever told you your voice is perfect for radio”?  Yup, a thousand + times… Almost everyone except someone that would like to give me a radio show.  Maybe I should just create one of my own already.

11 Microphones & P.A. Systems:  “Sort of like the Radio thing…”  What can I say… I love to talk and I love the sound of my own voice, especially when it’s amplified!

12 Mac Computers:  “Oh… so that’s why they’re so cool.”  Use them for video editing.  My wife has a Macbook – excellent lap top.  I have an iMac at the office for video editing.  Was just introduced to what an iPad can really do – now I want one. 

13 Books:  “I know, I know, I said this was 12 of my favorite things.”  Then I remembered Books.  I really dig a good book.

So… OK… I shared.  Now what are some of your favorite things?

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