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Rescued Crap From Fictional Fires & Imagined Disasters
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For some reason this old chestnut of a question has popped back into queue all over the place…

If you were (in some dire situation) and could only take one (or five or 10) whatever’s with you, what would it/they be?

Ya know – I never … ever … ever … gave this question format any serious thought in the past.  I’ve seen it sooooo much lately that I actually thought it through.  You know what I realized?

That I have a LOT of material CRAP in my life that I really don’t care about!

Craigslist cruisers, consider this the pre-sale notice!

I mean seriously, I have tons upon tons of things/stuff/junk/ … AKA ‘treasures’ that have been sitting in boxes in my basement for yeeeeaaarrrssss.  Stuff at one time I thought I just had to have.  And now, when it gets right down to it, would I make an effort to ‘save’ it or bring it with?


Don’t get me wrong.  There are a couple things I’d nab away from a blazing fire or be sure to take with to a deserted island…  Although I’m having a hard time understanding why I’d elect to strand myself on some deserted island in the first place…

But any way…

I’m guessing it’s a given that all the family (including the animals) come first.  Seriously, is there anyone or any pet you’d shrug off in the event of a fire?  Really?!?  There is?!?  Wow.  You suck and I’m glad I don’t know you.

That being said…

My computer, cameras and phones would all be bagged and nabbed.  Mostly out of a matter of convenience so as not to have to go through the effort and time to replace them all.  Hey, I use all of them each and every day.

Then I’d rescue… are ya ready for this?  I wasn’t and my own sincere answer surprised me.  Actually – what surprised me was how lame my answer is…

3 pair of shoes.

See… I rarely… rarely buy new shoes – or any new clothes for that matter.  I just recently bought 3 new pair of shoes.  It’s a big deal.

Two pair are identical dress/business shoes.  One pair in black, the other in brown.  They’re super comfy with a flexible rubber non-slip soul.  I like them.

The other is a pair of sneaks.  I suppose that’s what they’d be called.  They’re black with some brownish/tanish stripes with just enough of a formal look to wear in the office when I feel like it.  And they’re also pretty darn comfy.

All three pair are very well made and will last a good long while. 

I’d have to look to see the brands.  I really don’t care much about shoe or clothing brands.  Guess I’m giving strength to one of those ‘guy stereo-types’.

…Except for hats.  When it comes to hats, brands are important because there are very few manufacturers that make quality hats.  But that’s another topic for another time.

Some folks that know me might be surprised that I don’t care about ‘brands’.  I once had an employer that made me study fashion in order to assess how well job applicants were ‘put-together’.  I was more interested in their experience, skills, abilities and quality of references than if their shoes matched their accessories.

If there are any HR or other hiring managers out there that assess candidates in that way (other than those of you hiring specifically for fashion industry jobs) – Please, lean in closely, I have a secret for you…

If you did lean in closely and I was actually there with you in person I would have just “Wet-Willied” your ear because you genuinely deserve it.

By the way, as it turned out, I discovered that I do like fashion. Just not enough to actually really care about it. But… I digress …

So, yes, I’d rescue my three pair of new shoes.  I like them.  I don’t want to step into anything gross in bare or only sock-covered feet.  And, no matter where I wind up, I’ll have to do some kind of walking.

My three pair of new shoes.  They’ll carry me to the people I need to meet.  They’ll take me to the places I truly need to go.  They’ll bring me to my creative edge and beyond.  All while keeping toes nice and cozy warm.

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