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The End of the World, Rapture & Zombie Apocalypses
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On May 21st we were told by a self appointed profit that life as we knew it was to end.  That the world we had come to know and love would forever change.  That life for our friends and loved ones would be forever different.

That didn’t happen.  Well… Not exactly in the overly dramatized way we were told it would.  Not on May 21st anyway.

On May 22nd, for my son, the world did change.  He graduated from high school.  The world as he knew it, ended.  His world as I knew it, ended.

And at the very same moment he walked across the stage accepting his diploma, he was gifted with an entirely new world.  And that is truly fantastic.  He has a whole new world to mold, shape, to create.  And through the identity he has started to cultivate, he’ll see the world as no one else, no one…, ever can.

It is my wish for him, and all of the 2011 Spring graduates of every age, that not a moment of life be wasted.  This may sound impractical to some, but I speak from experience, more often than not, earned the hard way…

You may find times when the choices you’ve made having you doing things you don’t really want to do. However…  Never waste a moment of your life doing anything you hate.

Learn as much and as often as you can.  Keeping your mind open invites new experiences and new opportunities in every moment.

Try to meet someone new every day.  You never know who is going to enrich your life and you’ll always be able to tell who to simply let keep on passing through.

Take time for yourself when you truly need it.  Keeping your batteries charged is just as valuable for others as it is for yourself.

NEVER be afraid to speak your mind.  Tactfully when needed.  Bluntly when necessary.

Always be gracious, grateful and thankful.

Save your $!  Think very hard about what you really need, especially during your young adult years, before you spend the money you bring to you.

NEVER be afraid to tell someone you love them.  The worst they can do is say, “Oh… Crap…”  That’s what my wife said the first time I told her.  We’ve been together over 18 years now.

Don’t just think about doing something.  Do something.  This is the best piece of advice I ever received and it came in the form of a backhanded compliment.  …

About 10 years ago, my wife’s grandmother, who is now 100 and still kickin’ strong, said to me…  “Peter, I like you.  You have a brilliant mind.  You’re a great thinker.  And that’s a shame.  You can’t just be a thinker.  You have to be a ‘doer’ too.  Even a stupid ‘doer’ will get something done.”

So, to my son I say, Congratulations on the end of your world.  Enjoy your new one!



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