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Two Simple Words: Thank You
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It’s true that I write way way more for other people than I do for myself.  I’m a ghost writer.  It’s what I get paid to do.  And, I totally love it.

When I say ‘write for myself’, don’t get me wrong.  I know that what I write is always for the readers who take it in.  That being said, it’s very cool to be reminded that when you read what I’ve written, you’re allowing me to share what I’ve created.  For that I’m forever grateful.

That reminder came in the form of an email list that I subscribe to.  It wasn’t a personal note to me.  It was a simple sharing by another writer, Erika Napoletano, of her feelings about the death of one of her readers.  It was poignant, impactful.

I dig Erika’s writing style.  Reading her material is kind of like watching an unassuming  aristocrat lay a pimp-hand on the Devil.  No matter the topic, I just can’t help but smile.  Erika doesn’t know me from Jack.  Whoever Jack is.  However, she did me a great favor by sharing her thoughts and feelings on how valuable her readers are to her.  It really hit home.

So, to all of you who catch the somewhat rare to occasional post I put up here, thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to share what I create.  The gift you give by taking time to read what I write is a gift that I’ll always cherish.

Thank you


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