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Ghost Writing

Sometimes even the most talented of wordsmiths need a little extra help with your writing projects.  That’s when you call your ghost, Peter Gault…

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing has become the first and foremost requested service by our clients.  Peter possesses the rare ability to blend his unique writing style with your voice, your words, your story, your message. 

  • Ghost Writing Blogs, Ghosted Social Media Content, Books (both print and e-books), Whitepapers, Speeches and other ghost writing projects nearly dominate Topical Content project schedules.
  • Client confidentiality is strictly observed.  No matter how nicely you ask, Absolutely NO Ghost Writing client names nor samples may be provided. 

If I could only tell you whose hands I’ve been shaking… You might ask me for a squirt of Purell or at the very least a Wet-Nap…  The simple fact remains, I can’t and won’t and that’s one of the reasons my ‘ghost clients’ allow me the privilege of handling their projects.

Ghosted Social Media:  SMM (Social Media Management) Services for Blogs, Blog-Radio, Pod Casts, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, LinkedIn and more.

Types of Ghost Writing Projects:   From the complete creative storytelling to straight forward formulated content, Peter’s writing style is highly sought after by all types of clients…

  • CEO’s and other Corporate Executives
  • Attorney and Medical Professionals
  • International and Motivational Speakers
  • C-Level Executive Coaches
  • Authors, Both Published and Budding
  • News & Entertainment Journalists

The fact is that the majority of our ‘ghost clients’ are fantastically talented writers.  They are highly experienced in their profession.  So why do they need Peter?  Time and the lack of it.  Most clients simply don’t have the time available to commit to their writing projects.  There’s too much on their plates to meet publishing deadlines.  Working with Peter creates time for them to focus on creative flow or managing their business at hand.

Fees are based on the unique requirements of each project.  To consult with Peter directly about what you need to accomplish simply complete the form below.

Tell Peter about your project. He’ll help you put your voice in writing.


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