Ghost Writer & Content Development Advisor
Rates & Agreements

Rates and Agreements are based on each unique ghost writing project. 

Each and every client has a different goal and communicates in an uniquely individual way.  Because your project is unique to you, rates and project agreements are reviewed and proposed on a case-by-case basis.

Page rates generally apply to all projects.  However, on occassion, speculative rate projects (projects with payment based on percentages of projected sales of the finished work) may be considered.

Most project submissions received are reviewed and given an initial response within two business days.  The intial response will advise whether or not your project meets consideration criteria, an interest in providing a proposal and a suggested meeting date.

Project submission pitches for speculative (Spec) projects MUST include a complete marketing plan for the finished project including quarterly sales projections for the first two calendar years from anticipated release date.

Send project submissions to: