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Content Management

Some Content Management services will be discontinued as of July 31st, 2012.  Please

Websites, eNewsletters, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Blog-Radio, Pod & Web-Casts… It all requires current updated Topical Content.

OK. You’ve done a great job at getting started with your social media and social networking.  You’ve created a Twitter account, built your Facebook Page, started your YouTube channel, finished your LinkedIn personal and company profile.  You’ve also started your blog and have been kicking around the idea of other communication options like blog-radio, public speaking, maybe even writing your first book/ebook. 

Content research, development, distribution, conversation participation and follow-up all take time.  It takes time to manage the content needed to drive your communication efforts.  Social Media & Social Networking are integral parts of your overall marketing communication plans that require an enormous time commitment.   

No matter what business you’re in or what social circles you’re driving, communication is a must.   You need more time.

By managing your Social Media and Social Networking content, Peter can give you more time.